Professor of Financial Economics

Anderson Graduate School of Management

Personal Information

Birth date: November 20, 1947

Marital status: Married, 5 children

UCLA address: Anderson Graduate School of Management


Los Angeles, California 90024

(310) 825-2922

Business address: FinEcon

10877 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 710

Los Angeles, California 90024

(310) 208-2827


Ph.D. Financial Economics, Stanford University, 1975

M.S. Statistics, Stanford University, 1974

A.B. (Interdepartmental) Physics, Philosophy and Psychology, Stanford University, 1970

Teaching Positions & Professional Positions

1987-Present: Professor of Finance and Director of the Bank of America Research Center,

Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA

1990-Present: President, FinEcon: Financial Economic Consulting

1988-1990: Vice-President and Director of the Securities Litigation Group, Economic Analysis Corporation

1979-1986: Assistant and Associate Professor of Finance, UCLA

1983-1984: Visiting Professor of Finance, California Institute of Technology

1977-1979: Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Southern California

1975-1977: Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Arizona

Courses Taught

Information Systems and Corporate Valuation

The Law and Finance of Corporate Acquisitions and Restructurings

Corporate Financial Theory

The Theory of Finance in the UCLA Law School

Security Valuation and Investments

A wide variety of executive and community education programs

Special Education Programs Include

The U.S. Business School in Prague - Special Finance Program, Summer 1991

The Nissan Program for Historically Black Colleges, Director, Summer 1989

The Lead Program for Business Education of Minority High School Students, 1987-Present

Consulting and Professional Activities

Selected Service at UCLA

Twice chairman of finance department

Twice Vice-Chairman of the Anderson School

Three time member of the staffing and promotin committee

Service to Scholarly Journals and Organizations

Served as an associate editor for a variety of scholarly and business journals including: the Journal of Finance, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business and Economics, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of Futures Markets, and the Investment Management Review.

Served as a reviewer for numerous finance and economics journals including: the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Business, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Memberships in Professional Societies

American Finance Association 1973-Present

Member of Board of Directors, 1987-1989

Western Finance Association 1973-Present

Member of Board of Directors, 1982-1985

Vice-President, 1987

American Economic Association 1973-Present

American Statistical Association 1992-Present

International Association of Financial Engineers 1993-Present

American Law and Economics Association 1995-Present

Human Behavior and Evolution Society 1995-Present

Research Evaluation

Project reviewer for the National Science Foundation: 1979-Present

Program committee for the Western Finance Association: 1982-1988

Selected Board and Committee Memberships

Chairman, Mayor Riordanís Blue Ribbon Commission on Los Angelesí Muncipal Investments

Pension Policy Board, The Aerospace Corporation: 1985-Present

Forms Engineering Corporation: 1976-Present

Trustee, Kellow Trust: 1982-1991

Selected Consulting Clients

Merrill Lynch (Obtained futures brokers license, owned a seat of the International Monetary Market of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

Chase Manhattan Bank

Thrifty Corporation

Wynn Oil

Resorts International

Expert Witness

Numerous cases involving the application of financial economics

Media Experience

Occasional author for theWall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times

Occasional commentator for local television and radio stations

Lecturer on valuation theory, appraisal practice and securities pricing


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Academic Articles

Cornell, B. and A.E. Bernardo, 1996, The Valuation of Complex Derivatives by Major Investment Firms: Empirical Evidence, Journal of Finance, (forthcoming)

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Book Reviews and Discussion Comments

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Working Papers

Cornell, B. and S.C. Cheng, 1995, Using the DCF Method to Estimate the Cross-Sectional Variation of Expected Returns.

Cornell, B., 1984, Testing the Tax Timing Option Theory: A New Approach.

Cornell, B. and J.K. Dietrich, 1979, Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure: An Empirical Analysis.

Awards and Honors

Cited as one of the ten most prolific research authors in the field of finance, in Most Frequent Contributors To The Finance Literature, by Jean Louis Heck and Phillip L. Cooley,

Financial Management, Autumn, 1980.

Financial Management Association Prize for Applied Research: 1987

Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, Research Grant: 1984

Center for the Study of Futures Markets, Research Grant: 1983

Center for the Study of Futures Markets, Research Grant: 1981

Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Research Grant: 1979

Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford University, 1970

Graduated with distinction, Stanford University, 1970