The submissions to Anderson Redesign contest

The UCLA Anderson Forecast

Designed by Rafael Soltanovich and with minimum assistance of PK

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Site #1

Site #2


Although we recommend that the navigation scheme similar to the one used on

would be the best fit for the new Anderson web site, we could not submit a page done with ASP

as it took too much time and it wouldn't run on our UNIX based servers. We do however recommend that

you would consider a style such as utilized by MSNBC.


While both of the sites that we are submitting are optimized for the 640x480 resolution they look slightly better

with the latest versions of Netscape and Explorer browsers as they utilize some of the novelties such as JavaScript

and Cascading Style Sheets.



In order for the form on the page to work properly under any browser a CGI script should be written

to support it. We also recommend that the sites of departments would carry the same background as used on

the main page for a consistent look


This site would benefit greatly if optimized for 800x600 resolution and written as an ASP with expanding

menus similar to those used in The sites of the departments should use the same all around

layout with the exception of the middle portion. This would insure a clean consistent look throughout the

Anderson web site.


Thank You,

The UCLA Anderson Forecast