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Below is a list of the courses that I have taught in the past.  To view the most recent syllabi for the course in PDF format, please click on the name of the course.

Management 240E: Managing Entrepreneurial Operations
The course includes cases on the following organizations:
The Ambrose Hotel, Budget Finance Company, Marsh Landing Restaurant, Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS, Kenya), Ndlovu (South Africa), Partners in Hope (Malawi), Rainforest Expeditions (Peru), The ReUse People, and others.

Management 240G: Global Operations Strategy
This course will study the challenges of operating globally in a range of industries, including software, consulting, automotive, textile, etc.  The course will include several opportunities for hands-on quantitative methods, but will also take a strategic perspective throughout.

Management 245: Empirical Research in Operations Management
Requisite: Ph.D. standing.  This course will introduce Ph.D. students to a range of empirical research methods used in operations management, including multivariate regression, panel data analysis, logit and probit models, factor analysis, cluster analysis, survey research, case study research, etc.  The course will also include examples of each of these methods published in OM journals.

Management 246A: Business & the Environment
This course will summarize the environmental issues facing business and society at large, including global warming, air and water pollution, soil contamination, etc. It will examine current and future legislation, both in the US and elsewhere in the world, related to each of these issues; and, then examine some environmental issues in each of the main areas of the MBA program: finance, marketing, operations, supply-chain management, accounting and strategy. The course will also cover a wide range of popular environmental literature.

Management 410: Operations & Technology Management
Requisites: courses 402, 403, 405.  Principles and decision analysis related to effective utilization of factors of production in manufacturing nonmanufacturing activities for both intermittent and continuous systems.  Production organizations, analytical models and methods, facilities design, and design of control systems for production operations.


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