UCLA University Archives

21560 Young Research Library

Hours: 1 to 5 p.m. Mon. to Fri.

Phone: 310/825-4068

E-mail: univ-archives@library.ucla.edu                

Web: http://www.library.ucla.edu/libraries/special/scweb/archives.htm


The UCLA University Archives, established in 1948 by UCLA Provost Clarence Dykstra, is the official repository for non-current University records having permanent historical, legal, fiscal, or administrative value.


The mission of the University Archives is to identify, collect, preserve, arrange, and describe records documenting the history of the UCLA administrative offices; the academic departments; UCLA-related organizations; and the activities of the faculty, staff, and students.  In addition, the UCLA University Archivist serves as record consultant for the UCLA administrative offices and provides information on the history and development of the university.



The University Archives contains approximately 7,000 linear feet of records, including:

correspondence files:  chancellors, deans, directors, and chairs


minutes of meetings

publications of administrative units and academic departments

biographical files on persons affiliated with UCLA

photographs, films, videotapes, and audiotapes of campus events

architectural drawings and records

curricular materials        


A major goal of the University Archives is to assist University personnel in storing and retrieving records of historical value.  Services include:

on-site surveys of records to identify archival material

transferal of records to the University Archives as per the UCLA records management schedules

storage of archival records in a secure and protected environment

review and revise the records management schedules

compile inventories for records transferred to the Archives and distribute copies to office of origin

advise in the design and implementation of disaster plans

reference assistance to records located in the University Archives


Please contact:              Charlotte B. Brown or Dennis Bitterlich

                                    UCLA Library, University Archives

                                    21560 Young Research Library

                                    Box 951575

                                    Los Angeles, CA  90095-1575