In the ten years of its existence, WDPC had many changes in equipment as it kept pace with IBM's continuing computer developments and with the increased need for computing services by the growing user demands. The intent always was to keep WDPC at the forefront of computing with the newest IBM models as they became available.

Software changes consisted mostly of upgrading versions of FORTRAN from FORTRAN II to FORTRAN IV, and introducing COBOL. These changes are noted in the discussions of the hardware.

1957:IBM 650

1958:IBM 709

1961:IBM 7090

1963:IBM 1620

1963:IBM 7094


ARPA and Computer Networks

1965:IBM System 360 Model 40

Networking Three Computing Centers On Campus

WDPC Progress Reports

WDPC Progress Reports document the operating history in detail, including users and their computing projects. The entire collection is available in the UCLA archives.