I n d e x   t o   t h e   F A N H S   J o u r n a l

                  FANHS Journal was formerly published as ALA-ALA (1988) and FANHS Forum (1992).
The FANHS Journal is published by the Filipino American National Historical Society for its members in over 20 chapters nationwide.   The Journal is first available at the FANHS National Conference, held biennially (every two years).   This index to articles in the FANHS Journal is compiled by FANHS life-member Eloisa Gomez Borah.   Subjects are arranged alphabetically below; scroll down, or go directly to a section by using the red letters.   To view the table of contents for each issue and the author index, use the Browse pull-down menu, below right.   For a keyword search of this index, use the [Edit] then [Find-in-Page] in your browser.
I:22  means  Volume 1,  page 22



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                                            Dr. Virgilio R. Pilapil, Editor
                                            FANHS Journal
                                            Post Office Box 1882
                                            Springfield, Illinois 62705-1882


    Abad, Pete   V:31
    Abad, Ruth H.   V:19,31
    Acapulco (Mexico)   II:50-51
    Acena, Albert A.   IV:6-7
    Acierto, Alfredo P.   III:69-70
    Acierto, Maria Guillen   III:69-70
    Adarne Almero, Pelagia (Pingping)   III:67-68
    Adeva, Manuel A.   IV:33C,33H,33L
    adoptions   III:20-37
    adobo   I:22
    aetas   II:7,30-35;III:39
    Affirmative Action Programs   I:21
    African Americans   I:13
    Afrondoza Boston, Orlina Dellota   IV:54
    Agana, Adriano   II:19
    agriculture, Filipino-Americans in   V:13,18,19,33
    Agriculture Club (OSU)   II:25
    Agudo, Luis   III:53
    Ah Dogg (Chinese labor contractor)   I:9
    Aklan (province in RP)   III:78-80
    Aklan Cultural & Educational Foundation of Chicago   III:78-80
    Alaska (state)   I:7-18,19;III:68;IV:53;V:13,33
    Alaska Historical Commission   I:10
    Alaska Packers Association (San Francisco)   I:9,12,16
    Alaska Salmon Cannery Workers Union   I:16
    Alaskans   I:10,13
    Alcantara, Pedro   II:24
    Alejandro, Reynaldo   I:24
    Alexian Brothers Hospital (Chicago)   III:62
    Alicante, Marcos   II:25
    Alamar, Estrella R.   III:81-82
    Alamar, Justo Obaldo Menzen   IV:49-49A
    Alamar, Keith   IV:49A
    Alamar, Pa   IV:49
    Alamar, Robert   IV:49-49A
    Alamar, Todd   IV:49A
    Alim, Eugene   V:19
    Almero, Pelagia (Pingping) Adarne   III:67-68
    Almero, Pio   III:67-68
    Almirol, Edwin B.   IV:33K
    Alombro Canal (Louisiana)   IV:39
    Ambrosio, D.B.   IV:33H,33I
    Amerasia Journal   IV:17-18
    America is in the Heart   III:52;IV:50A;V:30
    American Dream   I:20;III:7;V:30
    American Filipino Community of America, Inc.   IV:41
    American Legion   V:34
    American Yo-Yo Association (AYYA)   V:39
    Angeles, Angeles Ying, V.   IV:50F
    Anson Roa, Boots   II:22
    anti-miscegenation laws   V:13,14,30
    APPA   II:19-23
    APPA News   II:22
    Apilado, Inosencio Tadina   III:9
    Apilado, Myron   III:9-12
    Apostol, Porfirio S.   V:30,31
    Aquino, Lucio   II:25
    Aranyan, Col.   V:36
    Archives, National Pinoy (Seattle)   IV:13
    Archivo General de la Nacion (Mexico)   II:50
    Arizona (state)   I:19
    Artiza Williams, Juana   III:67-68
    Aruego, Jose   I:24
    Asian Americans   II:35-40
    Asian Journal (Los Angeles)   III:56
    Asian Voice (Vallejo, CA)   III:57
    Asinas, Augusto G.   II:19
    Association of Filipino Physicians of Southern Illinois (AFPSI)   III:59;IV:54
    Association of Philippine Physicians in America   III:61
    Association of Philippine Practicing Physicians in America (APPA)   III:78-80
    Ati-Atihan (festival)   II:19-23;III:59,61
    Atterbury (IN)   V:34
    Augsbury, James   V:33
    AYYA Newsletter   V:39


    Babilonia, Tai   I:24
    Bacho, Peter   IV:11
    Bagobos   II:46
    Baker Parking Service   V:34
    Balagot, Ruben   I:24
    Balcena, Robert (Bobby)   I:24;V:14
    Balclutha (sailing vessel)   I:16
    Baldoza, Maximo B.   II:20
    Balita Today (Los Angeles)   III:56,57
    Baltimore (Maryland)   I:28;V:34
    Banigued, Pedro   IV:53
    Bantam Champion, Intramural Tournament   II:25
    Baquiran, Lestrino   II:22
    Barataria Bay (Louisiana)   I:4-5;IV:39
    Barataria Unit, Jean Lafitte   IV:38;V:12
    Barnes, Felino V.   II:19,21
    Baroness Erlanger Hospital (Chattanooga, TN)   III:62
    Barredo, Mamiya   I:24
    Barry, Lynda   I:24
    Bartolome Flores, Dolores   III:67-68
    Bartolome, Juanito S.   II:19
    Bassa Bassa (Louisiana)   I:5;IV:39
    Battese, Anita Perez   V:37
    Battle of New Orleans (1815)   I:5
    Battung, Vivencio R.   II:19
    Bautista, Eugene   IV:41
    Bayanihan Lions Club (Chicago)   III:63
    Bayou Bienvenue (Louisiana)   IV:39
    Bayou Bruleau (Louisiana)   I:5
    Bayou Cholas (Louisiana)   I:5;IV:39
    Bayou Duprez-Violet (Louisiana)   IV:39
    Bayou Rigaud (Louisiana)   I:5
    Beluso, Felix   II:24
    Benino (WA)   V:39
    Bergano, Allan L.   III:6-8
    Bergano, Fabian   II:26
    Bello, Madge   III:53
    Besa, Amelita C.   III:52-53;IV:33K
    Bethune Elementary School (San Diego, CA)   V:19
    Betsy (hurricane)   IV:39
    Biason, Perfecto   II:24
    Black Hill (Central California)   IV:16
    Blacks   I:13
    Blando, Uldarico B.   II:19
    Bogardus, Emory S.   III:52;IV:33K
    Bonado, Pompeyo B.   II:19
    Bonteque family   V:33
    Borah, Eloisa Gomez   IV:15-18;V:39-42A
    Borja-Mamaril, Concordia R.   II:27-28
    Boston   II:22
    Boston, Orlina Dellota Afrondoza   IV:54
    Botuyan, Andres O.   II:19,21
    boxing (sports)   III:38
    Bow-Wow Feast   II:48
    brain drain   V:14
    Brentwood (Dayton, OH)   V:34
    Brides Act (1945)   III:70;IV:50B
    Bridge Generation   IV:10-14
    Bridges (Roanoke, VA)   III:52
    Bristol (Alaska)   I:15
    Buccaneers in the Bayous   IV:38
    Buchholdt, Thelma   I:24
    Buenaventura, Ronald S.   V:12-16,17-20,30-31
    Bulosan, Carlos   I:24;III:52;IV:11,26,50A;V:30
    Bumatai, Andy   V:14
    bundok   III:39-43
    Buras (Louisiana)   IV:41
    Bureau of Fisheries   I:13
    Burtanog, Pio   IV:40
    Burtanog, Walter (Buddy)   IV:40
    businesses, Filipino American   V:15


    Caballeros de Dimas Alang   IV:33K
    Cabarloc, Ron   IV:52
    Cacas, Samuel R.   II:35-40
    Cagas, Cosme R.   II:22,23;III:59-61
    Calabiao, Francisco V.   IV:33K
    California (state)   II:21,26;III:68,70;IV:15-18,53;V:12,13,18,30,31,39-42A
    California, Central Valley   V:30,31
    California Examiner (Los Angeles)   III:55,56
    California farmers   I:10
    California News Tribune (Los Angeles)   III:56
    (California) State Labor Commissioner   I:10
    California State Legislature   I:10
    Callangan, Platton   IV:33L
    Calub, Jose V.   II:20
    Calugas, Jose   I:24;IV:48
    Calupig, Isaac A.   IV:33D
    Cajuns, Filipino   I:2-6
    Camp Beale (CA)   IV:46-47
    Camp Cook (CA)   IV:46;V:34
    Camp Dewey (LA)   IV:39
    Campo, Frank   IV:39-40
    Canada   II:20-21
    Candari, Cesar   II:23
    Caneda, Rosario Mendoza   IV:50E-50F
    Cannery Workers and Farm Laborers Union   I:11,15;IV:50A
    Canton (OH)   V:39
    Carandang, Celso M.   II:21,22
    Carbajal, Ulyses   II:22
    Carballo, E.J.   IV:33H,33K,33L
    Carino, Frank   III:67-6
    Carino, Isabel Centeno   III:67-68
    Carlota, Lupo   I:24;II:21,22,23
    Carlson, Donald (Major)   V:33
    Carreon, Sonia D.   III:44-51
    Carrere, Tia   V:15
    Casa de Manana (La Jolla, CA)   V:13,31
    La Casa Filipina   II:24
    Cassano, Vic   V:34
    Cassano Pizza   V:34
    Castillo, Benny   III:69
    Castillo, Luz   III:69
    Castillo-Tsuchida, Adelaida   V:13
    Cavendish, Thomas   IV:18
    Cavite (Philippines)   I:25,28
    Cayetano, Ben   IV:12;V:14
    Cebu   II:50
    Ceniza Pet, Catherine   IV:33C
    Centeno, Jose   IV:30
    Centeno Carino, Isabel   III:67-68
    Central High School (Cardozo, Wash.DC)   V:36-37
    Central Illinois Philippine American Society   IV:54
    El Centro (CA)   V:13
    Cepeda, Salvador   IV:49
    Cervantes, Angelita   III:69
    Cervantes, Naz   III:69
    Chesapeake (VA)   I:25
    Chicago (IL)   V:34,40
    Chicago Free Press (Chicago)   III:55
    Chicago Philippine Lions Club   III:63
    Chignik cannery (Bristol Bay)   I:12
    Children of immigrants   II:10-18
    Chin Gow (Chinese labor contractor)   I:9
    china gang (salmon canneries)   I:7
    China House (salmon canneries)   I:7,8,16
    Chinese   I:19,21,22
    Chinese (in Alaska plants)   I:10-15
    Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)   I:11
    Chinese workers   I:7-17
    Chioco, Juan Ortiz   II:25
    Chorro Creek (CA)   IV:15-18
    Chow Mock (Chinese labor contractor)   I:9
    Chua, Philip S.   II:21,22
    Chumash Indians (California)   IV:15-18
    The Church of the Filipinos   IV:33J
    Cincinnati Reds   I:24;V:14
    citizenship, U.S.   IV:46;V:30
    Civil Rights Act of 1964   I:16,21
    Clarin, J. M.   II:25
    Clark, Maria Corazon Jazmines   IV:53
    Claudio, Manuel P.   II:19
    Clemente, Lilia   I:24
    Clemente Jenkins, Rufina   IV:50A
    Cleveland   II:22
    coconuts   II:51
    Code of Fair Competition for the Canned Salmon Industry   I:11
    Collado, Isidoro R.   IV:33D,33L
    Colorado (state)   I:19;V:39
    Colt .45 1902 "Philippine Model"   V:13
    Columbia River (Oregon)   I:11
    Columbia River Packers Association   I:11-12
    Community Advocate (Honolulu)   III:52,57
    Concepcion, Nemo   IV:30
    Cook County Continental (Chicago)   III:66
    Cook County Hospital (Chicago)   III:66
    Cook County School of Nursing (Chicago)   III:65-66
    Cordova, Angelo B.   II:19-20
    Cordova, Dorothy Laigo   II:27;V:51
    Cordova, Fred   I:19-24;II:27;III:4,10,53;IV:10-14;V:5-6,51
    Cordova, Timoteo   V:47,49-52
    Cosmopolitan Club (Oregon)   II:24
    Crisologo, Andres   III:69-70
    Crisologo, Leovigilda   III:69-70
    Cruz, Delfin   III:53
    Cruz, Julie Gonzales   III:69
    Cruz, Primitivo T.   II:19
    Cruz, Rosauro   III:69
    Cuyugan, P.C.   IV:33J


    Daelto, Soledad   III:69
    Daelto, Victor   III:69
    Dallas (TX)   V:39
    Dancing the Shrimp (review)   II:57
    Dangaran, Ronald   I:24
    Davis, Pete   V:34
    Dayton (OH)   V:32-35
    Dayton Country Club (OH)   V:33
    Dayton Scale Corporation   V:33
    De Cano, Pio   I:13
    de Castro, Letty   II:22
    de Jesus, A.   IV:33F-33G
    de la Pena Perez, Consuelo   V:36-37
    De Leon, Leonilo   IV:33C,33G
    De Leon, Pedro   III:69
    De Leon, Rosal   III:69
    De Mille, Cecille B.   IV:38
    de Venecia, German A.   IV:33E
    Del Pilar, Cecilia   III:69
    Del Pilar, David   III:69
    Dela Fuente, Joel   V:15
    Delano (CA)   V:14
    dentists   III:62-64
    Denver (CO)   V:39
    Depression, The Great   IV:33J-33K,51;V:13,31
    Dichoso, Carmelo C.   II:21,22
    Diokno, Ed   III:54
    District of Columbia   II:21
    Dizon, Jesus   I:1;III:4
    Dizon, Rustico H.   II:19
    doctors   II:19-23;III:59-61;V:14,34
    Dogtown (St. Louis, MO)   II:45-49
    Domingo, Ricardo C.   II:19
    Donesa, Antonio B.   II:19
    Draves, Victoria (Vicki) Manalo   I:24;V:14
    Drilon, Resurrecion   IV:33L
    dry-cleaning business   V:34
    Duncan, Donald F., Sr.   IV:29;V:39,41
    Duncan Toy Corporation   IV:30
    Dungca, Tessie   II:22


    Eagle Cliff, Washington   I:7
    Earl Hotel (San Diego, CA)   V:31
    education   I:19-24,29
    Education Amendments of 1972   I:21
    Elder, Robert   V:34
    Elizalde, Joaquin M.   V:36
    Empress of Asia (ship)   V:36
    Empress of Russia (ship)   V:33
    Enriquez, Bobby   I:24
    Esclamado, Alex   I:24
    Escondido (CA)   V:13
    Espanol, Nora P.   IV:50F
    Esperanza, Nuestra Senora de Buena (ship)   IV:15-18,53
    Espina, Marina   I:2-6,I:24,II:7,49-51;IV:37-41
    Estepa, Benny   III:67
    Estepa, Encarnacion Pilapil   III:67
    Estepa Brown, Remy   V:19
    Estevez, Emilio   V:15
    Estoque, Mariano   I:24
    Estoye, Dr.   IV:54
    ethnic heritage   I:29
    Evangelista, Benny   III:54
    Evangelista, Jose L.   II:21,22
    Exchange Visitor's Program   I:28;III:62-64,65-66
    Exeter (CA)   V:14
    The Eye (Daly City, CA)   III:57


    FANHS Oregon Chapter   II:27-28
    Fabi, Ernesto N.   IV:54
    Fabito, Daniel   II:20,21
    Fabros, Alex S., Jr.   IV:42-48;V:47
    Famatigan Ward, Celestial   II:28
    Farrales, Vivencio   V:19
    Farcon, Eduardo M.   II:21
    Federal Party of Manila (RP)   IV:34
    Ferrance, Dinah   III:20-37
    Fil-Am Courier (Honolulu)   III:54,57
    Fil-Am Image (Arlington, VA)   III:52,54
    Fil-Am Free Press (West Covina, CA)   III:55
    Fil-Am Lions Club (Chicago)   III:63
    Fil-Am Veterans Post #234   III:70
    Fil-Am Women's Club of Chicago   III:70
    Fil-American Herald (Seattle, WA)   III:55
    Fil-Asian American News (Middleburg, FL)   III:55
    The Filipino (Sacramento, CA)   III:52
    Filipino American (San Francisco)   III:53
    Filipino American Assn. of Portland, OR   II:27
    Filipino American Bulletin (Seattle, WA)   III:57-58
    Filipino American Council of Chicago   III:64
    Filipino American Educators Assn.   V:46,47
    Filipino American Friendship Club of Oregon   II:27
    Filipino American Goodwill Society   IV:41
    Filipino-American Herald (Seattle, WA)   III:58
    Filipino American Historical Society (Springfield, IL)   III:60;IV:37,54
    Filipino American History Month   V:43,51-52
    Filipino American Life (Los Angeles)   III:55
    Filipino American National Historical Society   II:27-28;III:77,81-82;IV:10-14,33K;54;V:15
    Filipino American Scholarship Fund   V:43,47
    Filipino American Veterans of Chicago   III:70
    Filipino Americans, number of   II:8;IV:50A;V:12,43
    Filipino Americans: Discovering Their Past for the Future   IV:12
    Filipino Boy (poem)   II:57
    Filipino Cajuns   I:2-6
    Filipino Christian Fellowships   IV:33J
    The Filipino Club (Oregon State Univ.)   II:25
    Filipino Colony (San Diego, CA)   V:30
    Filipino Express (Jersey City, NJ)   III:53,58
    Filipino Federation of America   IV:33K
    Filipino Forum   V:40
    The Filipino Guardian (San Francisco)   III:57
    Filipino News Balita (Chicago)   III:56
    Filipino Press (National City, CA)   III:56
    Filipino Press in the United States (magazine)   III:54
    Filipino Professional Network   V:47
    Filipino Repatriation Act of 1935   IV:46
    Filipino Reporter (New York)   III:53,54
    The Filipino Student   IV:33-33P
    Filipino Student Bulletin   I:20;IV:33-33P
    Filipino students in the U.S., 1922-1939   IV:33-33P
    Filipino students in the U.S., colleges & universities   IV:33M
    Filipino Students' Christian Movement in America   IV:33-33P
    Filipino Women's Club of San Diego   V:19
    The Filipino Youth (Los Angeles)   V:39
    Filipinos in Alaska   I:7-18
    Filipinos in Louisiana   II:7
    Filipinos in the military   I:25-29
    Filipinos overseas   V:7-11
    1st Filipino Infantry Regiment   IV:42,46-48,50B
    1st Filipino Reconnaissance Battalion   IV:42,46-48;V:18
    Fish Shop   I:16
    Flambeau Plastics Corporation   IV:30
    Florendo, Regalado   II:20
    Flores, Agapito   V:14
    Flores, Alejandro   III:67-68
    Flores, Dolores (Loling) Bartolome   III:67-68
    Flores, Pedro   IV:30;V:18,39-42A
    Flores, Penelope V.   II:10-18
    Flores, Samson   III:63
    Flores Yo-Yo Corporation (Los Angeles)   IV:30;V:39-42A
    Florida (state)   III:64
    fluorescent lighting   V:14
    Flyweight Champion, Intramural Tournament   II:24
    Fort Bliss (TX)   V:33
    Fort Eustis (VA)   V:34
    Fort Ord (California)   IV:46
    Franklin Bond Corporation   V:39
    French Quarter, Filipinos in   IV:40-41
    Friendship Force   V:34
    Fulbright scholarship   II:52-55;III:71-73


    Gabriel, Roman   I:24;IV:12;V:14
    Gagui-Mon, Lourdes   III:61
    Galang, Evelina   V:47
    Gamboa, Lucito   II:19,21
    Galang, Ricardo C.   III:74-77
    Gamma Phi Kappa (fraternity)   II:25
    Gans, Ben (Small Montana)   III:38
    Garcia, Ceferino   I:24;III:38
    Garcia, Jorge   I:24
    garment workers, Los Angeles   IV:52
    Gaslamp Quarter (San Diego, CA)   V:30
    generations   IV:10-14;V:45-46
    Gentlemen's Agreement (1907)   I:12
    Gomez Borah, Eloisa   IV:15-18
    Gonzales Cruz, Julie   III:69
    Gonzalez, Jose L.   IV:33B,33L
    Good Living (Altamonte Springs, FL)   III:55
    Good Samaritan Hospital (Dayton, OH)   V:34
    Goon Dip (Chinese labor contractor)   I:9
    grape strike   V:15
    Guamese   I:13
    Guevarra Leslie   III:54
    Guillen Acierto, Maria   III:69-70
    Guimary, Donald   I:7-18;II:52-55;III:52-58,71-73;IV:6-7,33K
    Gulliedo, Francisco (Pancho Villa)   III:38
    Gunigundo, Noli   II:23
    Guray, Domingo   IV:30


    Hampton Roads (VA)   I:25-29
    Hart, Donn V.   III:52-53;IV:33K
    Hawaiian Islands   I:12;V:13,14,30,32
    Hawaiians   I:12,13,19
    Hayes, Luciana B.   IV:50D
    Hayward (CA)   V:13
    Hearst, William Randolph   IV:30;V:39
    HEART Inc.   II:20
    Heart of the Son (play)   V:47,49-52
    Her Wild American Self (book)   V:47
    Heritage Magazine (Carson, CA)   III:52,56
    HI-LO, Sister of the Yo-Yo   V:41
    Hidalgo, Augusto   II:24
    Hipe, Onofre   II:24
    Hipona, Almeda   II:20
    Hipona, Florencio A.   II:19
    Hispanics   I:19
    hiya   V:17
    Hotel del Coronado (San Diego, CA)   V:13,31
    Horticulture Club (OSU)   II:25
    hot dog   II:47-48
    Hume, George W.   I:7,8


    ILWU   I:16
    Idaho (state)   I:19
    Igarta, V.C.   I:24
    Igorots   II:45-49
    The Igorots at the Fair (poem)   II:49
    Igorot Village (1904)   II:45-49
    Igorrote   II:47
    Ilagan, Serafin   II:20
    Illinois (state)   I:19,II:19,21;III:59,62,63,69-70,81-82;IV:53-55;V:40
    Illinois State Normal University   IV:34-36
    Ilocos (province in RP)   IV:19-28;V:39
    Ilustre, Martha   III:69
    Ilustre, Vincent   III:69
    Indiana (state)   III:63
    Indiana University Dental School   III:63
    Indios Luzones   IV:15-18;V:18
    Inosanto, Dan   I:24
    immigration   III:13-19,44-51,74-77;IV:19-28;V:12,14,19
    Immigration Act of 1965   V:14,19,21
    Immigration & Naturalization Service II:42
    Immigration Commission (1911)   I:12
    Immigration Nationality Act of 1924/1965 Ammendment   I:19
    Inosanto, Danny   IV:12
    International Alliance of American Physicians   II:21
    International Club (OSU)   II:25
    International House (Oregon)   II:24
    inter-racial marriage   III:8;V:13,30,33,34
    Intramural Tournament Bantam Champion   II:25
    Intramural Tournament Flyweight Champion   II:24
    Iron Chink machine   I:16
    Isidro, Antonio   IV:33F
    Itliong, Larry Dulay   I:24;V:15


    Jackson, Gen. Andrew   I:5
    Jamais, Cristino   IV:33J
    Janairo, Antique X.   III:59,61
    Janairo, Liwayway Monzon   III:59,61
    Janairo, Manuel   III:61
    Japanese   I:19,21,22
    Japanese (in Alaska plants)   I:7-18
    Jaramilla, Jerry   III:69
    Jaramilla, Ruperta   III:69
    Jardiniano, Matt R.   I:25-29
    Jayme Soy, Amanda   III:67-68
    Jazmines Clark, Maria Corazon   IV:53
    Jean Lafitte National Historic Park (Louisiana)   IV:38
    Jefferson parish (Louisiana)   I:4;IV:37-41
    Jenkins, Rufina Clemente   IV:50A
    Jimenez, Antonio   II:26


    Kalayaan (San Diego, CA)   V:47
    Kalingas   II:46
    Katipunan (Berkeley, CA)   III:54
    Katipunan News Magazine (Berkeley, CA)   III:57
    Kee Wong Brown (Chinese labor contractor)   I:9
    Kenny, Jim & Isabel   II:57
    Kitsap Filipino News (Bremerton, WA)   III:56
    Knights of Rizal, Dimasalang chapter (IL)   III:64
    Knights of Rizal, Order of the   III:63-64
    Knights of Rizal, Greater Jacksonville   III:64
    Knights of Rizal, Malaya chapter (IL)   III:64
    Knights of Rizal, Pag-Asa chapter (IL)   III:64
    Knights of Rizal, Sinag-Tala (Los Angeles)   III:64
    Knights of Rizal, Southwest Chicago   III:64
    Koreans   I:12,22
    Kovel, Ralph & Terry   V:39


    LaCuesta, Lloyd   III:54
    Lafitte (Louisiana)   IV:41
    Lafitte, Jean   I:5;IV:38,42;V:18
    Laigo Cordova, Dorothy   II:27
    Lake Borgne (Louisiana)   IV:39,53
    Lapa, Eddie   IV:12
    Lapitan, Tony E.   V:32-35
    Laserna, Oscar   II:22
    Laserna, Rosario G.   III:59
    Laserna, Sarie   II:22
    Lawsin, Emma F.   IV:50D,50F
    Lawsin, Emily Porcincula   IV:33-33P;50-50G
    Lebanon (OR)   V:30
    Legaspi, Amante G.   II:21,22
    Legaspi, Jane   II:22
    Leon Rojas (Louisiana)   I:5
    Leon Roxas (Louisiana)   IV:39
    Leukemia Society   V:34
    Lewis, Loida Nicolas   V:15,21-23
    Lewis, Reginald F.   V:21
    Leyrita, Father Norbert I.   V:38
    Libatique, Santiago   IV:33-33J
    Library, National Pinoy (New York)   IV:13
    Life USA Today (Los Angeles)   III:56
    Lilagan, Francisca   II:20
    Lim, Lilian   V:15,19
    Lim, Pacifico   I:24
    Little Dado   III:38
    Llanes, Julian   III:67-68
    Llanes, Norma Thomas   III:67-68
    Llapitan, Angeles   III:69-70
    Llapitan, Carmelito   III:69-70
    Lleva, Florentino   II:20
    Lockheed Corporation   V:14
    Logan Heights (San Diego, CA)   V:31
    Lopez, Marcos   III:69
    Lopez, Mary   III:69
    Los Angeles (CA)   IV:30,53;V:12,18,39-42A
    Los Angeles Filipino Bulletin (Los Angeles)   III:56
    Los Angeles Free Press (Duarte, CA)   III:54
    Los Angeles Free Press (San Dimas, CA)   III:56
    Los Angeles Inquirer (Los Angeles)   III:56
    Los Angeles Rams   V:14
    Los Angeles Women's Journal (Los Angeles)   III:57
    Louisiana (state)   I:2-6,19;II:49,51;IV:13,37-41;V:12,18,39
    Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904)   II:45-49
    Lucina, Pedro   II:20
    Lugay, Joaquin   I:24
    Luna, Barbara   I:24;IV:12
    Lunar Rover   V:14
    Luzon Cafe   V:31
    Luzones Indios (see Indios Luzones)


    Mabakiao, Vicente   IV:33E
    Mabalot, Linda   I:24
    Mabuhay (Seattle, WA)   III:52
    Mabuhay Magazine (Los Angeles)   III:57
    Mabuhay Magazine (Seattle, WA)   III:58
    Mabuhay Times (National City, CA)   III:56
    Macalalad, Fidel V.   II:20
    Madarang, Cesar M.   II:21,22
    The Magazine (Los Angeles)   III:57
    Maguigad, Leonardo   II:22
    Mamaril, Concordia R. Borja   II:27-28
    Mamaril, Simeon D.   II:28
    Manalang, Jesus L.   II:20
    Manalo Draves, Victoria (Vicki)   I:24
    Mandac, Evelyn   I:24
    Mandel Brothers Men's Store (Chicago)   III:62
    Mandolin Club (OSU)   II:25
    Mangarin, Robin Tulao   V:15,19
    Mangyans   II:46
    Manila Chronicle (RP)   III:53
    Manila Express (Nederland, TX)   III:58
    Manila Galleons   I:4;II:49-51;IV:15-18;V:12
    Manila Headline (Houston, TX)   III:58
    Manila men   I:19;IV:37-41,42;V:12,18
    Manila Times International (Los Angeles)   III:57
    Manila Village (Louisiana)   I:4-5;II:7;IV:37-41;V:12
    manongs   V:30-31,32-35
    Manzano family   V:31
    Manzano, Phil   III:54
    Maralit, Marlan   V:36-38
    Maramba, Felisa   III:69
    Maramba, Mariano   III:69
    Marathon Fishing & Packing Co. (Puget Sound)   I:12
    Marina, Victor   III:54
    Marine Hospital Service   I:10
    Markley, Lourdes   II:27,28
    Markley, Charles R.   II:27,28
    Marquardt, Frederic S.   IV:29
    Martinez, Eric V.   IV:51
    Martinez, Lillian   IV:40
    Maryland (state)   I:19;V:34
    Masa, Jorge O.   IV:33L
    Masakayan, Liz   V:14
    Massachusetts (state)   II:19
    Masson, Jack   I:7-18
    Matriano, Estela C.   II:6-10;III:4
    McLean, Riddley (Admiral)   V:36
    medical professionals   I:28;II:19-23;III:59-61,62-64,65-66;V:14,34
    Meisenheimer, Lucky   V:39
    Mendoza, Higinio   IV:33E
    Mendoza Caneda, Rosario   IV:50E-50F
    Mercy Hospital (San Diego, CA)   V:19,31
    Menor, Benjamin   I:24
    Meridian Hill Park   V:37
    Metropolitan Clothing Store (Dayton, OH)   V:34
    Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)   V:39
    Mexicans (in Alaska plants)   I:10-15
    Mexico   I:4,19;II:49-51
    Michigan (state)   II:19,21,22
    Midwest (U.S.)   III:44-51;V:32-35
    military, Filipinos in the   I:25-29;IV:42-48;V:18,24-29,32,33-34,36
    Mindanao   II:50
    Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA)   V:43,45
    Miramar College (San Diego, CA)   V:43-48
    Miranda Rodriguez, Antonio   V:12,18
    missionaries (American in RP)   IV:19-28
    Mississippi Delta   I:3
    Missouri (state)   II:21
    model minority & success   II:35-40
    Modelo, Daniel Lleva   V:15,19
    Molano, Jose Z., Jr.   V:7-11
    Moncado, Hilarion   IV:33K
    Mondonedo, Amelita Perez   V:37
    Montero, Juan M.   II:21
    Monterey (CA)   V:18
    Monzon Janairo, Liwayway   III:59,61
    Morantte, P.C.   IV:33E
    Morro Bay (California)   IV:12-13,15-18;V:12,18
    Moros   II:46
    Moscatel, Ricardo M.   III:65-66
    Mt. Pinatubo   II:20
    Museum, National Pinoy (Stockton)   IV:13


    Naguit, Efren C.   IV:54
    Naknek   I:12
    Narver, Ursel   II:25
    National Association of Filipino Dentists in America (NAFDA)   III:64
    National City (CA)   V:19
    National Filipino American Council   IV:33K
    National Filipino American Youth Assn.   IV:33K
    National Football League   I:24
    National Pinoy Archives (Seattle)   IV:13
    National Pinoy Library (New York)   IV:13
    National Pinoy Museum (Stockton)   IV:13
    National Recovery Act of 1933   I:11
    Navarro, Isabel Ordonia   IV:50B-50C
    Navidad (Mexico)   II:50
    Navy, U.S.   I:25-29
    Nayan, Teofilo M.   III:62-64
    Nazareno, Jose P.   II:19
    Nebres, Teofilo   IV:30
    Negritos   II:30-35;46:III:39
    New Jersey (state)   I:19,28;II:19;III:59;V:33
    New Orleans (LA)   I:2-6,19,II:7,26;V:12,18,39
    New York (state)   II:19;V:33,40,41
    New York City (NY)   V:33,40,41
    Newman, Albert   II:28
    Newport News (VA)   I:25
    Newspapers, Filipino American   III:52-58
    Nicdao, Miguel   IV:34-36
    Nicdao-Cuyugan, Antonia Joy   IV:34-36
    Nicolas, Imelda   V:21
    Nicolas Lewis, Loida   V:15,21-23
    Nigger, Filipinos called   III:70;V:30
    Norfolk (VA)   I:25,27,28
    The Norm (Oregon State Normal School)   II:25
    Now Generation   V:21
    nurses   I:28;III:65-66;V:14,34
    Nurses, Filipina Exchange   I:28;III:65-66
    Nushagak   I:12


    Oakwood (Dayton, OH)   V:33
    Oandasan, Angelo   III:69-70
    Oandasan, Zenaida   III:69-70
    Obosa, Josefina   III:69
    Obosa, Steve   III:69
    Obrien, Carmen B.   IV:50E
    Officer Candidate Schools   I:27
    Official Gazette of the U.S. Patent Office   V:41,42A
    Ohio (state)   II:19,21;V:32-35,39
    Ohio Valley General Hospital (Wheeling, WV)   III:62
    Olandria, Ruth   II:24-26;III:67-68
    Olandria, Wilfredo (Willie)   II:24-26;28;III:67-68
    Ollada, Elizabeth   III:69
    Ollada, Patricio   III:69
    Oloroso, Arsenio   III:69
    Oloroso, Gloria   III:69
    Olympic Games   I:24;V:14
    Operation Samahan, Inc.   V:44
    Orata, P.T.   IV:33E
    Oratorical Squad (OSU)   II:25
    Order of the Knights of Rizal   III:63-64
    Ordonia Navarro, Isabel   IV:50B-50C
    Oregon (state)   I:19;II:24-26;III:67-68
    Oregon Chapter, FANHS   II:27-28
    Oregon College of Literature Science   II:24
    Oregon Countryman (OSU)   II:25
    Oregon State College   II:25
    Oregon State Normal School   II:25
    Oregon State University   II:24-26
    Oregana   II:24
    Oriental Exclusion Act   I:12
    orphans   III:20-37
    Osias, Camilo   V:36
    Oxnard (CA)   V:30


    Pacific American Fisheries (Seattle)   I:9
    Pacific Daily News (Guam)   III:56
    Pacific Philippine News (Los Angeles)   III:57
    Padilla, Benito   II:25,26
    Padilla, Eugenio   II:25
    Padua family   V:31
    Palabrica, Alejandro R.   II:19
    Pampanga   I:28
    Pampangas   II:46
    Pandamay   I:27-28
    Panlasigui, I   IV:33D
    Paradise Hills (San Diego, CA)   V:17,19
    Paragas, Conrado G.   II:20
    Pardo, Leo P.   III:59
    Pardo, Leopoldo   II:22
    parenting   II:10-18
    Parpana, Sotero Labrado   IV:30
    Pasarillo, Servanso N.   II:19
    Pascua, Felix   III:69
    Pascua, Socorro   III:69
    Pascual, Maning   IV:41
    Pasion, Benny   II:25
    Pasquil, Cornelio (Corky) M.   III:38
    Patacsil, Nene Judy   V:43-48,49-52
    Peeples, Nia   V:15
    Penasquitos (San Diego, CA)   V:19,43,45
    Pensionado Act 1903 (Philippine Commission Act 854)   IV:33C,34
    Pensionados   IV:33-33P,34-36;V:13,18,19,36-37
    Pensionados, numbers that came   IV:33C
    Perez, Consuelo de la Pena   V:36-37
    Perez, Mateo Salvador   V:36-38
    Perez, Ricardo   V:37
    Perez, Romero J.   II:21
    Peru   II:51
    Philadelphia   I:28
    Phil-Am Free Press (West Covina, CA)   III:57
    Phil-Am News (Los Angeles)   III:55
    Phil-American Frontline News Review (Fresno, CA)   III:57
    Philippine American Dental Society of the Midwest   III:63
    Philippine American Bulletin (Los Angeles)   III:57
    Philippine American Medical Bulletin   III:59-61
    Philippine American Society of Central Illinois   IV:54
    Philippine American Society of Greater Dayton (OH)   V:34
    Philippine-American Times (San Diego, CA)   III:55,56
    Philippine-American War   V:13
    Philippine Bulletin (San Francisco)   III:55
    Philippine Chronicle (So. San Francisco, CA)   III:56
    Philippine Constabulary Band   II:46
    Philippine Craftsman   V:39
    Philippine Economic & Cultural Endowment (PEACE)   III:59;IV:55
    Philippine Examiner Today (Daly City, CA)   III:57
    Philippine Exhibit (1904)   II:45-49
    Philippine Herald USA (Hayward, CA)   III:57
    Philippine Historical Association (RP)   III:74-77
    Philippine history   V:49-51
    Philippine Independent News (Salinas, CA)   III:53
    Philippine Insurrection   V:13
    Philippine Journal (Stockton, CA)   III:53
    Philippine Mail (Salinas, CA)   III:53
    Philippine Medical Association in America   II:19
    Philippine Medical Assn. of Chicago & the Midwest   III:59
    Philippine Medical Assn./Societies in the U.S.   III:59
    Philippine Nation News Service (Encino, CA)   III:57
    Philippine News (San Francisco)   II:49;III:53-54
    Philippine News (Woodside, NY)   III:54
    Philippine News, Los Angeles bureau   III:57
    Philippine Nurses Association of Chicago   III:66
    The Philippine Observer (Burlingame, CA)   III:54
    Philippine Physician   II:22
    Philippine Press (Salinas, CA)   III:53
    Philippine Press USA (Milpitas, CA)   III:55
    Philippine Review (Boston)   III:53
    Philippines, re-visiting   III:71-73
    Philippine Scouts   IV:50B
    Philippine Sentinel (Houston, TX)   III:58
    Philippine-Virginia Chronicle (Virginia Beach, VA)   III:55
    Philippine War Brides Assn. of Seattle   IV:50E-50F
    Philippines Today (Jersey City, NJ)   III:58
    Pido, Antonio J.A.   II:40-44;III:13-19;IV:12
    Pilapil Estepa, Encarnacion   III:67-68
    Pilapil, Lucy Torres   IV:29
    Pilapil, Mariano Torres   V:24
    Pilapil, Virgilio   II:7,30-35,45-49;III:4-5,39-43;IV:29-32,37-41,53-55;V:24-29,39-41
    Pimentel, Henry   II:20
    Pimentel, Marcelina   II:27
    pineapple plantations (Hawaii)   V:32
    Pineda, Nicolas C.   IV:54
    Pinoy   III:6-8
    Pinoy, word origin   IV:33E
    Pinoy Archives, National   IV:13
    Pinoy Saver (San Diego, CA)   III:56
    Pinzon, Manuel   II:23
    Plaquemine Parish (Louisiana)   IV:37-41
    politics, Filipino-Americans in  V:14,19
    Population (Filipino American)   II:8
    Portland (Oregon)   I:7,8,9,10;V:33
    Portsmouth (Virginia)   I:25
    Posadas, Barbara M.   IV:33,33C,33I,33J,33K
    Positively No Filipinos Allowed   V:13-14,30
    Poway Lion's Club (San Diego, CA)   V:19
    President Cleveland (ship)   III:70
    priests   V:38
    Prince (artist formerly known as)   V:15
    Princeton University Yo-Yo Club   V:39
    psychology   II:35-40;V:43-48,49-52
    Puerto Ricans   I:13
    Pucan, Rommel   II:57
    Puget Sound   I:7, 12
    Pugeda, Faustino V.   IV:54
    Pulido, Maximo   II:24,25-26
    pygmies   II:30-35


    Quezon, Manuel L.   V:36-37
    Quevedo, Frederic G.   II:21,22,23
    Quianio, Louis S.   IV:33G
    Quinto, Manrique   II:19
    Quiroz, Mary   V:34
    Quiroz, Narciso (Nar) Dacanay   V:32-35


    race riots   IV:51;V:14,30
    Radavan, Jose (Joe)   IV:31;V:40
    Radio Manila (Los Angeles)   III:56
    Ramos, Fely M.   II:23
    Ramos, Pedro   III:59
    Ramos, Renato G.   II:21,22,23
    Rancho Bernardo (San Diego, CA)   V:43,45
    Ratio, Bernabe   III:69
    Ratio, Remedios   III:69
    recruits, Filipino   I:27
    Reggio (Louisiana)   IV:40
    Rehabilitation Act of 1973   I:21
    Repatriation Act of 1934   III:7
    research strategies   II:40-44
    Reyes, Ernie, Jr.   V:14
    Reyes, Eugene   IV:40
    Reyes, Frank, Jr.   IV:40-41
    Reyes, Frank, Sr.   IV:40-41
    Reyes, Gary   III:54
    Reyes, Gregorio   II:24
    Reyes, Hernan M.   II:19
    Reyes, Vincent   III:53
    Ricasa, Robert P.   V:19
    Ricohermosa, A. Z.   II:19
    Rigor, Benjamin   II:19
    Rikes Department Store (Dayton, OH)   V:34
    Rivera, Natividad   IV:36
    RIZA (New York)   III:55
    Rizal, Jose   IV:29,33K
    Rizal, Order of the Knights of   III:63-64
    Rizal Day celebrations   IV:33I-33J
    Roa, Boots Anson   II:22
    Roces, Ramon   II:26
    Rodriguez, Antonio Miranda   V:12,18
    Rome Hotel (San Diego, CA)   V:13
    Ronquillo, Remigio B.   II:24
    Roth, Dennis   III:59
    Royal Crest Dairy   V:34
    Ruiz, Leopoldo T.   IV:33L


    SS David Shanks (ship)   III:70
    Sabado, George   III:69
    Sabado, Marina   III:69
    Sabater, Fred   V:19
    Saberano, Narcisco   II:24
    Sabio, Andres R.   II:19
    Sabio, Morada   II:20
    Sacdalan, Adela   II:27,28
    Sacdalan, Fernando   II:27,28
    St. Bernard Parish (LA)   IV:37-41
    St. Elizabeth Hospital (Dayton, OH)   V:34
    St. Louis (MO)   II:45-49
    St. Malo (LA)   I:3-4;IV:37-41,53
    St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery (New Orleans)   IV:41
    Saladino, Selmo   III:69-70
    Saladino, Paz M.   III:69-70
    Salem (OR)   V:33
    Salinas (CA)   V:13,18,30
    salmon industry   I:7-18;V:13,33
    Samahan, Andres Bonifacio Chapter (SDSU)   V:19
    San Buenaventura, Steffi   IV:33K
    San Diego (CA)   I:27;V:12,13,15,19,30,43-48
    San Diego State University (CA) V:19,44; see also State Normal School
    San Francisco (CA)   I:8,9,10,12,16;IV:34;V:40
    San Francisco Maritime Museum   I:16
    San Juan, Eduardo   I:24;V:14
    San Luis Obispo (CA)   V:18
    San Lucas, Puerto de   IV:15-18
    San Pablo (ship)   II:50
    San Pedro (ship)   II:50
    Sandoval, Flory M.   II:19
    Sangley Point   I:25,27
    Santa Ana (ship)   IV:18
    Santa Barbara (CA)   IV:30,34;V:18,40
    Santiago, Tess   V:14
    Santo Nino Festival   III:78-80
    Santos, Buenvenido N.   V:36
    Santos, Daniel E.   II:19-23
    Santos, Fely M.   II:22
    Santos, Pedro   I:13
    Sarmiento, Luis Q.   IV:33G-33H
    Sarusal, Valeriano   I:13
    schools   II:24-26
    Schneider, Rob   V:15
    Schurz, William Lyle   II:49,50
    Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)   V:43,45
    Sea World (San Diego, CA)   V:15,19
    seamen, Filipino   II:49-51
    seaman's pay   I:28
    Seaton, Lilian   II:24
    Seattle (WA)   I:8,9,10,13;II:26,27;IV:30,50-50G;V:30,36
    2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment   IV:42,46-48,50B;V:34
    Seid Bak (Chinese labor contractor)   I:9
    Seiton, Buenaventura B.   II:19
    Serra, Junipero (Fray)   V:18
    Sheen, Charlie   V:15
    Shell Beach (Louisiana)   IV:37-41
    ship-building   II:51
    shrimp industry   I:5;V:12,18
    Sibonga, Dolores   I:24
    Silver, Juan   V:19
    Sinag-Tala Knights of Rizal (Los Angeles)   III:64
    Siroy, Edwin J.   IV:54
    Sison, Manuel A.   II:21
    Sison, Ramon   IV:54
    Small Montana (Ben Gans)   III:38
    Smith, Warren   II:24
    Sobrepena, Enrique C.   IV:33B,33E,33I,33J
    Sociedad De Beneficiencia De Los Hispano Filipinos De Nueva Orleans   IV:41
    Soil Club (OSU)   II:25
    Sol, Bernardo   IV:30
    Somera (Sotero Labrado Parpana)   IV:30
    Somera, Agustin   IV:30
    Somera, George Acosta   IV:30
    Somera, Gus   IV:30
    Somera, Jose D.   II:20
    Songco, Ruben (Lieutenant)   IV:47
    Sorrento Valley (San Diego, CA)   V:18
    Sosa, Amando   III:69
    Sosa, Lina   III:69
    Southern Illinois University School of Medicine   IV:55
    Soy, Amanda Jayme   III:67-68
    Soy, Johnny   III:67-68
    Space Above and Beyond   V:15
    Spain   II:49-51
    Speedy Dado   III:38
    Squibb (E.R. & Sons) Company   III:62-63
    Star of Alaska (ship)   I:16
    State Normal School (San Diego, CA)   V:13,19
    Steward School   I:27
    stewards (U.S. Navy)   I:27;V:14
    Stockton (CA)   V:13,30
    students - see also pensionados
    Suanico, Tim   V:19
    Subic Bay   I:25,27
    Sumaoang, Epifania A.   IV:50D,50F
    Surigao   II:54-55
    Sweetwater Union High School District (San Diego, CA)   V:19
    Symphony Club (OSU)   II:25


    TLC Beatrice   V:15,21
    TM Herald (Los Angeles)   III:55
    TM Weekend Magazine (Los Angeles)   III:58
    TM Weekly Herald (Los Angeles)   III:57
    TNTs, number of   III:74
    Taca, Arturo M.   IV:54
    Taft, William Howard   V:13
    Tagalogs   II:46
    Tennessee (state)   II:21;III:62
    Teodoro, Leopoldo   II:24
    Texas (state)   I:19;II:21;V:33,39
    Thomas Llanes, Norma   III:67
    Thomasites   V:13,30
    Tierrasanta (San Diego, CA)   V:43,45
    Timonera, Precioso   III:59
    Tinguianes   II:46
    Toledo farm (National City, CA)   V:19
    Toledo Zarate, Rosalie   V:19
    Tomita, Tamilyn   V:15
    Tong Yoong (Chinese labor contractor)   I:9
    Toppenish (WA)   V:14,30
    Treaty of Paris (1899)   V:13
    Trimilos, Ricardo   I:24
    tuba   II:51
    Tugbang, Rufino B.   II:25
    Tulao Mangarin, Robin   V:15,19
    Tumbokon, Roberspiere   II:19
    225th Anniversary   I:19
    Tydings-McDuffie Act 1934   IV:33G,46;V:14,31


    The USA Standard (Los Angeles)   III:56
    Udani, Carlos   IV:54
    Unamuno, Pedro de   IV:15-18,53;V:18
    Union of Pan Asian Communities   V:44
    United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing & Allied Workers of America   IV:50A
    United Farm Workers Union V:15
    U.S. Army   III:67-68,69-70;IV:42-48
    U.S. Census   II:8,42
    U.S. Navy   I:25-29;III:67-68,69-70;IV:42-48;V:18,24-29
    U.S. Patent Office   V:41,42A
    U.S. Post Office   V:34
    U.S. Philiipine Times (Union City, CA)   III:57
    U.S.-Philippines Times (San Francisco)   III:55
    unity   V:43-48
    University of California, Berkeley   V:18
    University of Dayton (OH)   V:33
    University of Illinois Dental School   III:63
    University of Oregon   II:24-26
    University of the Philippines Medical Society in America (UPMASA)   III:59
    University of Washington   III:9-12
    Urian, Federico   III:69;IV:30,31
    Urian, Lourdes   III:69


    Valdez (Alaska)   I:10
    Valdez, George   III:69
    Valdez, George   III:69
    Valdez, Remedios   III:69
    Valdez, Teresita   III:69
    Valenzuela, C.Z.   IV:33I
    Vargas, Fernando M.   II:19
    Varsity Philippinensis   II:24
    Velasco, Victorio A.   IV:33L
    Vera Cruz, Philip   V:15
    Veracruz (Mexico)   II:51
    Vergara, Pedro   IV:33L
    Veterans Hospital (Seattle)   II:26
    Via Times (Chicago)   III:55
    Victoria, Arturo T.   II:20
    Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)   V:33
    Victoria Theater Association   V:34
    The Vidette (Illinois)   IV:34-36
    Viernes, Albert   III:69
    Viernes, Ramona   III:69
    Vietnamese   I:22
    Villa, Ines S.   IV:33J
    Pancho Villa (Francisco Gulliedo)   III:38
    Villena, Nestor   II:23
    Vinluan, Rose   III:69
    Vinlun, Victor   III:69
    Virginia (state)   I:19,25-29;II:19,21,22;III:8
    Virginia Beach (Virginia)   I:25
    Visayans   I:28;II:46
    Volk, Daniel   V:40-41


    war brides   III:67-68,69-70;IV:50-50G
    War Brides Act of 1945   III:70;IV:50B
    War of 1812   IV:53;V:12
    Ward, Celestial Famatigan   II:28
    Warren Packing Company (Portland)   I:9
    Washington (state)   I:19;II:26,27;V:36,39
    Washington, D.C.   II:21;V:36-37
    Watsonville (CA) Race Riots 1930   IV:51;V:14
    waves (of immigration)   II:8;III:16;IV:10-14,20;V:6,12,14,30
    West Coast (U.S.)   V:33
    West Virginia (state)   III:62
    Western Oregon State College   II:24,25
    white gang (salmon canneries)   I:7
    White Point (Central California)   IV:15
    Williams, Juana Artiza   III:67-68
    Williams, Leon   III:67
    wine   II:51
    Winquist, Jemima   II:27,28
    Wisconsin (state)   I:19;II:19
    women   III:44-51,81;IV:33O
    Wong On (Chinese labor contractor)   I:9
    Woods, L. Shelton   IV:19-28
    word origins   III:39-43
    World Reporter (Los Angeles)   III:55
    World War II   I:16;III:67-70;IV:42-48;50-50G;V:14,31,32,33-34,36
    World War I   IV:42
    World's Fair, 1904 St. Louis, MO   II:45-49;IV:34
    Wydown Middle School (Missouri)   II:47




    Yakima (WA)   V:14
    Yanong, Procopio U.   II:19
    Young and Meyer Company   I:11
    Yo-Yo   III:40-41;IV:29-32;V:18,39-42A
    Yo-Yo demonstrators   IV:30,31
    Yscloskey (LA)   IV:37-41


    Zapata, Socorro O.   IV:50C,50E,50F
    Zarate, Rosalie Toledo   V:19
    Zosa, Noli R.   II:21


An index to past issues gives new life to articles that otherwise may be tucked away and buried.   An index is vital for the FANHS Journal because in its articles are the history of Filipino Americans, still unknown to many who need to learn of it.

This index gives subject access to the major focus of each article and to their authors.   It does not index every word in each article, as some book index might do.   However, in order to provide vital linkages for on-going research projects, every effort has been made to index Filipino American names and places.   Furthermore, when a full or real name can be verified, these are added even when they do not appear in the original article.   An example of this is in the case of boxer Small Montana, where a cross-reference to his real name, Ben Gans, has been added.   There is a separate Author Index, and listings of the Table of Contents from each of the Journal issues.

New advantages come with having an index.   Our new research does not have to start from scratch.   Researchers at large can benefit from our research efforts published in the Journal.   The Journal could reach higher visibility as authors in other journals cite our now more easily found articles in their work.   Large journal index databases, such as Ethnic Watch, may choose to include our Journal among those they index (as our Journal also gets its own ISSN, a usual prerequisite).   We can re-visit good friends, some who are now gone like Don Guimary, through their articles; and acknowledge by their lengthy listings those, like Gil Pilapil, who have done more than their share for the Journal.   Hopefully, if you browse through the index and do not find some Filipino American topics that are familiar to you, you are encouraged to write those stories that have not yet appeared in pages of the Journal.

New responsibilities come with having an index.   Fact-checking needs to be done at a higher level of vigilance.   Now, it is much easier to link facts across articles.   Our readers deserve consistency in the stories we tell, and our authors do not deserve to have their facts contradicted without cause.

This index has been prepared in an online (HTML) version for addition to the FANHS-National Web site (http://www.fanhs-national.org/) on the Internet.   In addition, a print version has been prepared for sale, to raise funds for the FANHS Journal.   Ultimately, this index belongs to all of us, if you see ways to improve it, please contact me.

Indexing is a tedious, time-consuming and often thank-less job.   However, to shine a perpetual light on the treasures within each FANHS Journal is indeed a noble cause.   My mother, who passed away in 1997, loved to hear of the variety of stories of Filipinos who came to America, as she did in 1949.   She would have been proud of this index, and that means the world to me.

-Eloisa Gomez Borah, M.L.S.


Acena, Albert A.   IV:6-7
Acierto, Maria Guillen   III:69-73
Alamar, Estrella R.   III:81-82
Alamar, Justo O.   IV:49-49A
Apilado, Myron   III:9-12
Bergano, Allan L.   III:6-8
Borah, Eloisa Gomez   IV:15-18;V:39-42A
Borja-Mamaril, Concordia R.   II:27-28
Buenaventura, Ronald S.   V:12-16,17-20,30-31
Cabarloc, Ron   IV:52
Cacas, Samuel R.   II:35-40
Cagas, Cosme R.   III:59-61
Carreon, Sonia D.   III:44-51
Cordova, Fred   I:19-24;IV:10-14;V:5-6
Dizon, Jesus   I:1
Espina, Marina E.   I:3-6;II:49-51
Fabros, Alex S. Jr.   IV:42-48
Ferrance, Dinah   III:21-37
Flores, Penelope V.   II:10-18
Galang, Ricardo C.   III:74-77
Guimary, Donald L.   I:7-18;II:52-55;III:52-58
Lapitan, Tony E.   V:32-35
Lawsin, Emily Porcincula   IV:33-33P,50-50G
Lewis, Loida Nicolas   V:21-23
Leyrita, Fr. Norbert I.   V:38
Maralit, Marlan   V:36-38
Martinez, Eric V.   IV:51
Matriano, Estela C.   II:6-10
Masson, Jack   I:7-18
Molano, Jose Z. Jr.   V:7-11
Moscatel, Ricardo M.   III:65-66
Nayan, Teofilo M.   III:62-64
Nicdao-Cuyugan, Antonia Joy   IV:34-36
Jardiniano, Matt   I:25-29
Olandria, Ruth   II:24-26;III:67-68
Olandria, Willie   II:24-26;III:67-68
Pasquil, Cornelio M.   III:38
Patacsil, Nene Judy   V:43-48,49-52
Pido, Antonio J.A.   II:40-44;III:13-19
Pilapil, Virgilio R.   II:30-35,45-49;III:4-5,39-43;IV:5,29-32,37-41,53-55;V:24-29
Pucan, Rommel   II:57
Santos, Daniel E.   II:19-23
Seneris, Plaridel Larry E.   III:78-80
Woods, L. Sheldon   IV:19-28


      Filipino American National Historical Journal
Volume 5, 1998
Virgilio R. Pilapil, M.D., Editor

"The Philippine Centennial Celebration of the Declaration of Philippine Independence on
      June 12, 1898 in Kawit, Cavite" (Guest Editorial),   by Fred Cordova
"Overseas Filipinos",   by Jose Z. Molano Jr.
"Our History Is No Mystery",   by Ronald S. Buenaventura
"Filipino American Journey",   by Ronald S. Buenaventura
"Post-1965 Filipino Americans - The Now Generation: A Personal History",   by Loida Nicolas Lewis
"The Sailor Who Hardly Made It to Sea: The Experiences of a Pinoy M.D. in Uncle Sam's Navy (1967-1996)",
      by Virgilio R. Pilapil
"San Diego's Manongs of the 1920s and '30s",   by Ronald S. Buenaventura
"The Manong Who Came East to Dayton, Ohio: The Story of Narciso Dacanay Quiroz",   by Tony E. Lapitan
"The Journey of Mateo Salvador Perez",   by Father Norbert I. Leyrita
"Yo-Yo History: The Los Angeles Connection",   by Eloisa Gomez Borah
"Filipino Americans in San Diego County: Can There Be Unity in Our Community",   by Nene Judy Patacsil
"A Summary of the Revolt Against Spain Colonization and Reflections of Psychological Implications:
      As Experienced Through the Live Musical Drama - 'Heart of the Son' ",   by Nene Judy Patacsil
      Letter to the Editor
      FANHS Activities
      FANHS and Related News
            Historic Ads
            FANHS Officers and Board of Trustees
            FANHS Chapters and Associated Organizations
            Editorial Board


      Filipino American National Historical Journal
Volume 4, 1996
Virgilio R. Pilapil, M.D., Editor

"Tending The Garden Needs Help" (Editorial),   by Virgilio R. Pilapil
"In Memoriam: Donald L. Guimary, Ph.D.",   by Albert A. Acena
"The Bridge Generation and Building Bridges",   by Fred Cordova
"The Filipino Landing in Morro Bay in 1587",   by Eloisa Gomez Borah
"Ilocano Immigration and the Attitudes of American Missionaries",   by L. Shelton Woods
"The Migration of the Yo-Yo to America: Its Subsequent Fate",   by Virgilio R. Pilapil
"Pensionados, Paisanos, and Pinoys: An Analysis of the Filipino Student Bulletin, 1922-1939",
      by Emily Porcincula Lawsin
"Miguel Nicdao: A Filipino Grandfather's Legacy",   by Antonia Joy Nicdao-Cuyugan
"Remains, Remnants and Legacy of the Early Filipino Settlements in Southeastern Louisiana",
      by Virgilio R. Pilapil
"The Fight for Equality in the U.S. Armed Forces in World War II by Uncle Sam's 'Colored Soldiers' ",
      by Alex S. Fabros Jr.
"Three Generations of Military Service",   by Justo O. Alamar
"Beyond 'Hanggang Pier Only': Filipino American War Brides of Seattle, 1945-1965",
      by Emily Porcincula Lawsin
"The Anti-Filipino Watsonville Race Riots: 1930",   by Eric V. Martinez
"Filipina Garment Workers in Los Angeles",   by Ron Cabarloc
"Filipinos of Central and Southern Illinois",   by Virgilio R. Pilapil
FANHS Activities
      "The Fifth FANHS National Conference in San Francisco Was a Grand Bash",
            by Dorothy Laigo Cordova
      "50th Anniversary Celebration for Filipino American Veterans of World War II"
      "Filipino American Heroes of World War II",   by Virgilio R. Pilapil
      "Landmark Installed at Morro Bay"
      "Why We Put a Filipino American National Historical Society Marker at Morro Bay",
            by Virgilio R. Pilapil
      FANHS and Related News
      Three Poems:   "In Memory", "Lonely Manilamen", "I Am",   by Herbert M. Jamero
      Historic Ads
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      FANHS Chapters and Associated Organizations
      Editorial Board and Staff


      Filipino American National Historical Journal
Volume 3, 1994
Virgilio R. Pilapil, M.D., Editor

"Dare To Be Pinoy",   by Allan L. Bergano
"Kindred Spirits ... Waves Apart: A Different Perspective",   by Myron Apilado
"A Sociological Perspective of Filipino American Immigration",   by Antonio J.A. Pido
"The Smallest Wave: Filipino Orphans Adopted in the United States", Dinah Ferrance
"The Great Filipino Boxing Era",   by Cornelio M. Pasquil
"The Filipino Heritage of Some American Words",   by Virgilio R. Pilapil
"Occupational Decisions of Selected Filipina Immigrants in a Midwestern City", Sonia D. Carreon
"Filipino American Newspapers: A Never-Ending Study",   by Donald L. Guimary
"The Philippine-American Medical Bulletin Story",   by Cosme R. Cagas
"Experiences and Observations As an Exchange Visitor",   by Teofilo M. Nayan
"Personal Experiences of A Filipino Registered Nurse Coming to America in 1957",
      by Ricardo M. Moscatel
"Oregon War Brides", Willie and Ruth Olandria
"Filipino World War II G.I. Brides in Chicago, Illinois - 1946 to Today",   by Maria G. Acierto
"Achieving A 35-Year Old Dream",   by Donald L. Guimary
"Kindred Spirits Merging Into One",   by Ricardo C. Galang
"Ati-Atihan, A Celebration",   by Plaridel Larry E. Seneris
"Filipino Americans Explore History in Successful Conference",   by Estrella R. Alamar
      Corrections to FANHS Journal, Volume 2, 1992
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      Filipino American National Historical Journal
Volume 2, 1992

Estela C. Matriano, Ed.D., Editor
[published as Volume 1, Number 2, under the name:   FANHS Forum - Across the Generations: An Image Building Profile of FAHNS]

"Filipino Americans in the Changing Face Of American Society: An Education Perspective",
      by Estela C. Matriano
"Life In The U.S.: Intergenerational Effects of Filipino Parenting in America",   by Penelope V. Flores
"Summer Interludes" (APPA Story In Brief),   by Daniel E. Santos
"Early Filipino Scholars in Oregon Schools",   by Willie and Ruth Olandria
"Oregon Chapter of FANHS: Its History",   by Concordia R. Borja-Mamaril
Echoes From The Biennial Conferences:
      Second Biennial Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1988
      Third Biennial Conference, Sacramento, California, 1990
"The Aetas in America, B.C.",   by Virgilio R. Pilapil
"Relative At Best: Asian American 'Success' And Its Social Impact On Filipino Americans",
      by Samuel R. Cacas
"Suggested Strategies For Field Research On Filipinos Abroad",   by Antonio J.A. Pido
"Dogtown, U.S.A.: An Igorot Legacy In the Midwest",   by Virgilio R. Pilapil
"The Manila Galleon Legacy," Marina E. Espina
"A Filipino-American Visits The Philippines: Experiences Of a Visiting Fulbright Journalism Professor",
      by Donald L. Guimary
Contributions To The Arts:
      "Filipino Boy",   by Rommel Pucan
      "Dancing The Shrimp",   by Jim and Isabel Kenny
      Board of Trustees
      Editorial Staff


      Filipino American National Historical Journal
Volume 1, 1988
Jesus Dizon, Ph.D., Editor
[published under the name:   Ala-Ala: Journal of Filipino American History and Culture]

"Editor's Page",   by Jesus Dizon
"Filipino Cajuns", Marina Espina
"Filipinos in Alaska: How Pinoys Helped Build The World's Largest Canned Salmon Industry",
      by Donald Guimary and Jack Masson
"Filipino Americans and Education,"   by Fred Cordova
"Hampton Roads: Filipinos in the U.S. Navy",   by Matt Jardiniano


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