Eloisa Gomez Borah

As a Librarian in Business Information and Knowledge Systems

Outstanding Business Librarian
            -- Recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Business Librarianship Award by the Special Libraries Association

“one of the most advanced thinkers in the business field”
            -- in Knowledge-Based Systems for General Reference Work, awarded the Best Information Science Book by the American Society for Information Science

"One of the first librarians to recognize the power of the Web was UCLA's Eloise Gomez Borah"
            -- in Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science (page 28). 

"Eloisa Borah pioneered our field study consultation service."
            -- in "An Interview with Robert Bellanti, Head of the UCLA Rosenfeld Management Library from 1982-2002" in Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship, Vol.10 #4 pp.15-39 (page 17).  These field study consultations, for thesis-equivalent MBA projects, are a legacy service at the UCLA Management Library and continue to date. 

"Eloisa conceived eLibrarian many years ago"
            -- Rita Costello, Head of the UCLA Rosenfeld Management Library from 2002-2011, describing "eLibrarian, the ACIS brand of virtual reference, is another success among our Anderson community and is considered to be our premier information literacy service" in a non-confidential assessment letter dated December 9, 2011.  eLibrarian was selected one of the UC Best Practices in Instruction & Reference for Digital Resources at the University of California.  This innovative concept was enhanced as eLibrarian 2.0 and presented at the ACRL 12th National Conference of the American Library Association

Advanced to Distinguished Librarian at UCLA.   Nominated for Librarian of the Year in 2012.

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As Historian and Archivist apropos of Filipinos in America

Academic Publications
            -- "Filipinos in Unamuno's California Expedition of 1587" in UCLA's Amerasia Journal (vol.21 #3), is required reading in most Asian American Studies courses at California universities and beyond. 

Instructional Materials
            -- Chronology of Filipinos in America Pre-1898 is an instructor's tool used by many educational institutions.
            -- Americans of Filipino Descent - FAQs, awarded Best of Cyber Pinoy by Tanikalang Ginto, and Academic Excellence Award Links for Learning by Lightspan's StudyWeb®. 

Content Consultant
            -- Expertise on Filipino American history sought by students and scholars globally, as well as the National Park Service, the U.S. Coast Guard Service, and the Smithsonian Institution. 

Archive and Collection Development
            -- The Eloisa Archive is a large number of artifacts and publications documenting the history of Filipinos in America.  Items from this collection are used by scholars and loaned to exhibits, such as the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle and the Filipino American Library in Los Angeles.  Also serves as a resource on Filipino American Collectibles
            -- Early Images of Filipinos in America is a virtual exhibit showcasing pre-1950 photographs depicting Filipinos in America, within collections across the United States and the World, which may otherwise lay undiscovered.  This exhibit is curated online to provide researchers a guide to photo sources on Filipinos in America in collections, which may have more photos or just single examples. 

Awards & Fellowships
            -- Recipient of the Royal Morales Community Achievement Award by the UCLA Pilipino Alumni Association.
            -- Awarded a fellowship by the UCLA Institute of American Cultures on research: Filipinos in the Circuit Chautauqua of the Early 20th Century

Community Service
            -- Life Member and Trustee Emeritus of the Filipino American National Historical Society
            -- Former board member and treasurer of the Pamana Foundation (now the Filipino American Library). 
            -- Mentor to dozens of students at UCLA. 

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