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Nena Yaptinchay Zamora, matriarch of Barangay Yaptinchay in the USA, shares some facts about our YAPTINCHAY family's beginnings in this letter to attendees of the first USA reunion held in Fullerton, California on June 27, 1998.   (Most of us missed the Barangay Yaptinchay reunion in the Philippines in 1997).   Watch for the next Reunion -- in Las Vegas!


Dear YAPTINCHAY Family Members,

I would like to share with each and everyone of you, the first episode of our lives and well being.   Many of us have wandered this far from our native land and may even wonder where our roots came from.   On this occasion, I would like to elucidate from whence our family came.

According to Tia Epay (JOSEFA CARRILLO TRINIDAD), wife of Tio Kiko Yaptinchay, the first YAP TIN CHAY (YAP is the family name and TIN CHAY is the first name) who migrated to the Philippines was still a CHIQUITO (meaning a very young kid).   Because of his youthful appearance, he was registered as son to his OLDER brother, because that was the easiest way to bring him into the country.   He learned his trade from his OLDER brother (father).

He met MARIA CARRILLO TRINIDAD, who belonged to a prominent family in Biñan, Laguna, whom he later married.   The couple had a son, ALBERT CT YAPTINCHAY (please take notice that the family name YAPTINCHAY as currently used is the combined first and last name of the original ancestral root, and which all his descendants continue to use) and two daughters, namely:   SIMEONA and ISABEL.   ALBERTO married MACARIA GANA and they had 8 children, namely:   Julia, Andres, Guido, Maria, Raymunda, Bibiana, Josefa and Pablo.   SIMEONA married ANICETO YATCO and their children were:   Petrona, Fermin, Pascuala, Angela and Maria.   ISABEL married PEDRO GUICO and had 2 children, namely:   Anastacio and Faustino.   We are all the descendants of the above.

As you go through the attached FAMILY TREE**, you will notice that WE all belong to a BIG YAPTINCHAY CLAN.   All Yaptinchays from Alberto, Yatcos from Simeona and Guicos from Isabel are all related.   Anyway, there are some who carry our OLD MAN's name but who are not blood relatives, but of course they are welcome if they are legally adopted.   Our family is so big that some of us left our country of birth and migrated to the different parts of the world, i.e., USA, CANADA, EUROPE, etc.

The descendants of Alberto Yaptinchay married to Macaria Gana are related to the Gana ancestral root of Biñan, Laguna.   Dr. Leony Yatco, husband of Dr. Lety Yaptinchay, made the research of the YAPTINCHAY FAMILY ROOTS, with a few corrections that I made, which were all incorporated with this accompanying FAMILY TREE**.


My Love to All of You,

Ate or Tita or Auntie or Lola Nena


** = given to REUNION attendees on 6/27/98.
Introduce yourself at a forthcoming REUNION, if you want to get one.

Gana Family Roots

Those of you doing serious family genealogy have been asking Tita Nena's help for the earliest Gana roots; so here it is, based on her documents [limiting to the earliest names to protect identities against the unscrupulous on the Internet].   Our ancestral hometown is is Biņan (map) in Laguna.   During the Spanish Period, Biņan has discovered by Juan de Salcedo in 1571.

Gana Family Roots

Yaptinchay Family Roots

Here are the earliest Yaptinchay roots, based on Nena Yaptinchay Zamora's documents
[limiting to the earliest names to protect identities against the unscrupulous on the Internet]. 
You will find listed the first Yap Tin Chay who married Maria Carrillo Trinidad and their son Alberto Yaptinchay who married Macaria Gana.   [see Tita Nena's note, above, about the older brother/father of Alberto's father, Yap Tin Chay]   Find your grandparent's name from the listing below, then fill-in those earliest branches of your family tree!                                                                                                                     .

Yaptinchay Family Roots
Yaptinchay Family Roots

The First Barangay Yaptinchay (USA) Reunion

Held at the home of Shirley Yaptinchay Eylam in Fullerton, California on June 27, 1998.   If you missed the fun, here are photos showing who you missed meeting or seeing again.   We missed you -- next time Yaptinchays, don't miss the reunion.

The Guido descendants wore red.

The Maria descendants wore yellow.

The Pablo descendants wore green.

Guido, Maria and Pablo, mentioned above, were children of Alberto Yaptinchay and Macaria Gana.   Also present at this reunion were descendants of Alberto's sisters:   Simeona Yaptinchay married to Aniceto Yatco, and   Isabel Yaptinchay married to Pedro Guico.   (Perhaps at the next reunion, one could wear blue and the other could wear orange -- adding more colors to the mix.   We already had some attendees wearing more than one color since they descended from more than one Yaptinchay branch).

We shared great food, hugs & kisses, stories, photos and clippings -- including portraits of Alberto Yaptinchay and Macaria Gana!   A great time was had by all.

Wish you were there.

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