Prof. Flamholtz is currently teaching two courses:


This course deals with the issues and problems involved in developing and managing entrepreneurial organizations. It focuses upon the following issues: 

   1.Why are some entrepreneurial organizations (such as Microsoft, Nike, Compaq Computers, Southwest Airlines and Starbucks) successful over the long term, while others experience difficulty and even fail (i.e., Apple Computer, LA Gear, People Express, and Osborne Computers)? 
   2.What are the predictable stages of organizational growth? 
   3.What are the factors that make an organization effective at each stage of growth? 
   4.In addition, the course focuses upon the key managerial tools required to successfully manage entrepreneurial organizations: strategic planning, organizational design, management development, control systems, leadership and culture management. 
   5.It also deals with the transitions which individuals must make as organizations grow in order to successfully grow with the enterprise. 

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This course focuses upon the management of people in organizations. It is intended for managers as well as for human resource professionals, and the perspective that is adopted is that of a senior general manager or the senior VP of Human Resources. The term "human resource management" ("HRM") implies a view that people are an organizational resource and ought to be managed as such. 

This course deals with the human resource management process at three related levels: 1) the day-to-day issues, problems, and considerations facing managers in dealing with and managing people in organizations, 2) the role and functions of the human resource management system, and 3) the broader, strategic issues involved in managing people as resources from an organization wide viewpoint. 

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