Professor Lee G. Cooper

Anderson School at Ucla

110 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, Ca 90095-1481

Room: B518 Gold Hall Phone: 310 824-4488 Email:



Acting Assistant Professor (Step II): July 1, 1969

Professor (Step V): July 1, 1998


B.A. 1966 University of California, Berkeley, Psychology

A.M. 1969 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Psychological Measurement

Ph.D. 1970 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Psychological Measurement


Chairman, Marketing Faculty, UCLA, 1988-91.

Faculty Advisor Committee, Program in Social Statistics, UCLA, 1987-92.

Director, Management in the Arts Programs, UCLA, 1976-79.

Faculty Advisory Committee, Museum of Cultural History, UCLA, 1981-5.


Courses Taught

Mgt. 264A Marketing Research, 1969-70, 1985-.

Mgt. 266A Product Management, 1990-.

Mgt. 268 The Multiplicative Competitive Interaction Model and Related Models of Choice (with Masao Nakanishi), 1982. Competitive Analysis, 1985-87. Market Information Systems, 1988.

Mgt. 269 Doctoral Seminar in Marketing, 1988 (Market-Structure Analysis), 1990 (Market- Share Analysis), 1992, 93 & 96 (Marketing Theory and Measurement).

Mgt. 213C Introduction to Multivariate Analysis, 1969, 1972-75, 1978, 1980-83.

Mgt. 407 Introduction to Business Statistics, 1970-71.

Mgt. 263A Consumer Behavior, 1971-72.

Mgt. 264C Seminar in Multidimensional Scaling, 1971-73, 1975, 1980, 1982-85.

Mgt. 430 Introduction to Managerial Statistics, 1972.

Mgt. 267 Macromethodological Issues in Doing Research on People, 1972, 1974.

Mgt. 213B Statistical Methods in Management, 1974, 1982-86.

Mgt. 440 Individual Decision Making, 1974-76.

Mgt. 280B Survey of Research Methods and Philosophies, 1975-78.

Mgt. 443 Complex Systems, 1976.

Mgt. 444AB Arts Management Internship, 1977-78.

Mgt. 444AB Management Field Studies, 1980-81.

Mgt. 453 Practicum in Arts Management, 1980-81.

Mgt. 270 Environment of the Art World, 1978.

Mgt. 272A The Role of Management in Artistic Decision-Making (co-taught), 1978.


Books Published:

Perloff, H.S., Bullock, P., Cooper, L.G., Eisner, S. and Faine, H., Arts in the Economic Life of the City, New York: American Council for the Arts, 150 pp. (1979).

Cooper, L.G. and Nakanishi, M., Market-Share Analysis: Evaluating Competitive Marketing Effectiveness, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 304 pp. (1988).


Chapters in Books:

Cooper, L.G. and Levine, H.G., "Guerilla Science: An Epistemology for the Applied Behavioral Sciences," in Human Systems Development, Tannenbaum, R., Margulies, N., Massarik, F., and Associates, New York: Jossey-Bass, 489-519, 1985.

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Marks, R.E., D.F. Midgley and L.G. Cooper, "Adaptive Behavior in Oligopolies," in Evolutionary Algorithms in Management Applications, Biethahn, J. and Nissen, V. (Eds.), Berlin: SpringerVerlag, 225-239, 1995.



Cooper, L.G., CASPER Users Guide. Santa Monica: CASPER Software Products, 105 pp. (1988).

Professional Journal Articles Published:

Cooper, L.G., "A New Solution to the Additive Constant Problem in Metric Multidimensional Scaling," Psychometrika, 37, 3, 311-322 (September 1972).

Tucker, L.R, Cooper, L.G., and Meredith, W., "Obtaining Squared Multiple Correlations from Correlation Matrices Which May be Singular," Psychometrika, 37, 2, 143-148 (June 1972).

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Conference Proceedings Published:

Cooper, L.G., "Procedure for Metric Multidimensional Scaling," 87-88, Proceedings of the Seventy-Ninth Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association (September 1971).

Cooper, L.G. and Nakanishi, M., "Extending the MCI Model Toward a Theory of Individual Choice Behavior," 4 pgs, in Greenberg and Bellenger (Eds.), Contemporary Marketing Thought, 1977 Educators Proceedings.

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Cooper, L.G. and Finkbeiner, C.T., "A Composite MCI Model for Integrating Attribute and Importance Information," Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. XI (1983).

Book Reviews:

"Review of Multivariate Analysis: Techniques for Educational and Psychological Research, Tatsuoka, M.," Psychometrika, 39, 269-272 (1974).

"The Measure of All Things, Review of Introduction to Measurement Theory, Allen, M.J. and Yen, W.M.," Contemporary Psychology, 25, 368-369 (1980).

Participation in Public Lectures or Forums:

Invited Speaker, Pepsi Cola Management Institute, 1969.

Three-day workshop to treat the topics of metric and non-metric multidimensional scaling, for post-graduate students at l'Institute d'Etudes Commerciales of the University of Grenoble, France, June 7-9, 1971, (Invited address).

"Innovation and Creativity in the Firm," conference, l'Institute d'Etudes Commerciales of the University of Grenoble, France, June 10-11, 1971, (Invited address).

"Multidimensional Preferences," Colloquium on Mathematics in the Behavioral Sciences, Western Management Science Institute, February 1971, (Invited address).

"Tutorial in Multidimensional Scaling," American Institute for Decision Sciences Western Conference, Las Vegas, March 1975, (Invited address).

"On Integrating Attitudes with Choice," Fourth Management Science Summer Colloquium, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, August 1975, (Invited address).

Arts Administration Educators Conference, 1976, New York City; 1977, Bloomington, Indiana; 1978, Los Angeles (Program Chairman), (Invited participant); 1979 (Invited Panelist).

"Discovering Homogeneous Groups and Modeling Their Perceptual Processes." The Jacob Marschak Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Mathematics in the Behavioral Sciences. October 31, 1980, (Invited address).

"Estimating Cross Competitive Influences on Market Share" (with Masao Nakanishi and Dominique M. Hanssens). The Procter and Gamble Invitational Psychometric Conference, October 1982, (Invited paper).

"Asymmetric Market-Share Models," University of California, Berkeley, Marketing Faculty Colloquium, December 1984, (Invited colloquium).

"Market-Share Analysis: Communicating Results Through Spreadsheet-Based Simulations," International Workshop to Strengthen Connections Between Data Analysis, Decision Support and Expert Knowledge Representation in Marketing and Related Areas of Research, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, June 21-23, 1987, (Invited address).

"Toward Integrating Scanner-Panel and Store-Level Data," Joint UCLA-USC Marketing Colloquium, USC, May 1989, (Invited address).

"Market-Share Analysis: A Core Technology for Learning about Markets and Competition," NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Hamburg, West Germany, September 3-5, 1989, (Invited address).

"Market-Share Analysis: Work in Progress," Graduate School of Management, University of California, Riverside, April, 1990 (Invited colloquium).

"Spatial Analysis of Choice Data," Invitational Conference on Behavioral Analysis of Choice, Banff, Alberta, Canada, May, 1990 (Invited panelist).

"Discounting of Discounts," UCLA Invitational Colloquium on Branding, Bruinwood, CA, January, 1992 (Invited speaker).

"The Components of Preferences," University of California, Berkeley, Marketing Faculty Colloquium, September 1996, (Invited colloquium).

"Market Structure and Consumer Preference," Japan Society of Consumer Science, November 1996, Nishinomya, Japan (Invited colloquium).

"Comprehensive Estimation of Market Response" Japan Institute of Management Science, November 1996, Nishinomya, Japan (Invited colloquium).

"Planning for Radically New Products" Columbia University and Intel Corporation, December 1997 (Invited addresses).

"Breeding of Competitive Strategies Recent Extensions," Hümboldt University (Berlin), Johannes Güttenberg University (Mainz), December, 1997 (Invited addresses).

Service to the Staff or Editorial Board of Scholarly Journals or Other Publications:

Psychometrika Referee and Reviewer, 1971-74, 1980-92.

Management Science Referee, 1973, 1984, 1987-

Journal of Economics and Business Referee, 1975.

Journal of Consumer Research Referee, 1977-78, 1982-92.

Editorial Board, 1983-87.

Journal of Educational Measurement Referee, 1982.

Journal of Educational Statistics Referee, 1983.

Journal of Marketing Research Referee, 1983-

Journal of Mathematical Psychology Referee, 1984, 1987, 1992.

Marketing Science Referee, 1985-1994.

Applied Stochastic Models & Data Analysis Editorial Board, 1987-

International Journal of Research in Marketing Referee, 1988-95.

Behavioral Research in Accounting Referee, 1988.

Operations Research Referee, 1989-92.

European Journal of Operations Research Referee, 1990, 1996-97.

Handbook of Consumer Behavior Editorial Board, 1990-91.



Design Excellence Award (Research Category) National Endowment for the Arts. For Perloff, Bullock, Cooper, Eisner, and Faine, Arts in the Economic Life of the City. New York: ACA, Inc., 1979.

Ashton-Tate Achievement Award. Grand Prize Winner for the development of CASPER, Fall, 1987. (Contest judged and co-sponsored by PC Magazine.)

Award for Outstanding Contribution, Japan Society for Commercial Sciences, for Market Share Analysis, 1988.

Excellent Publication Award for 1996 Japan Society for Commercial Sciences for "Building Market Structures from Consumer Preferences," Journal of Marketing Research.


National Science Foundation, 1973-75, Foundations of Political Perceptions

National Endowment for the Arts 1976-79, Arts Management Internship Grants

Smithsonian Institute, 1978, Arts Management Education Grant

California Arts Council, 1978, Arts Management Education Grant

Intel Corporation, 1996-97, Project Action, Planning for Radically New Products

Intel Corporation, 1997-98, Planning for Radically New Products




Statistical Consultant, National Training Laboratories, 1969.

Marketing-Research Consultant, Caine Steel Company, 1970.

Management-Information-Systems Consultant, H.U.D. Model Cities Program, 1971.

Psychometric Consultant, Tratec Corporation, 1971-72.

Management Consultant (pro bono),Workshop I.E., 1974.

Psychometric Consultant, Times Mirror Corporation, 1974.

Psychometric Consultant, Hospital Education Foundation of Southern California, 1977.

National Science Foundation, Reviewer, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1991.

Psychometric Consultant, The Procter and Gamble Company, 1981-83, 1985-86.

Psychometric Consultant, Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon, and Eckhardt, 1986-87.

Marketing-Research Consultant, Saxe Marketing Research, 1988, 93-.

Market-Information-Systems Consultant, Baron & Co. (for A. C. Nielsen), 1988.

Marketing-Research Consultant, etcetera, inc., 1989.

Marketing-Research Consultant, Dailey & Associates (for The California Lottery), 1990.

Market-Share Analysis Consultant, Sun-Maid Growers of California, 1990.

Marketing-Research Consultant, Ventura County Cablevision, 1991.

Canadian Social Science Research Council, Reviewer, 1991, 1995, 1996.

Market-Share Analysis Consultant, General Mills, 1992.

Measurement Consultant, Candle Corp. 1992-93.

Market-Research Consultant (pro bono), The Center Theatre Group, 1992-94.

Market-Research Consultant, The Los Angeles Times, 1993-94.

Methods-Development Consultant, Efficient Market Services, Inc., 1994-.