1998-99 Marschak Colloquium

The 1998-99 Marschak Colloquium Calendar

1998-99 Speakers in the Marschak Colloquium according to their Fields & Affiliation

Complete List of Speakers in the Marschak Colloquium (1985 - Present)

1997-98 Marschak Colloquium

The 1997-98  Marschak Colloquium Calendar

1997-98 Speakers in the Marschak Colloquium according to their Fields & Affiliation

1996-97 Marschak Colloquium

The 1996-97  Marschak Colloquium Calendar

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The Marschak Colloquium provides a forum for interaction among faculty, students, and visitors interested in the applications of mathematics and statistics in the behavioral sciences. Disciplines covered include anthropology, architecture, artificial intelligence, biology, business, computer science, economics, education, engineering, geography, linguistics, management, operations research, philosophy, political science, psychology, public health, public planning and policy, sociology, and systems analysis. The Colloquium sponsors resentations by leading experts in these fields, including faculty members from UCLA, other University of California campuses, and other universities or research institutes.

The Marschak Colloquium is sponsored by the Western Management Science Institute, the Anderson School, and the Department of Economics, UCLA, with support from Blum-Kovler Foundation, the Leon Strauss Foundation, the Sidney Stern Memorial Trust, the Dean of the Anderson School, and the Dean of the School of Public Policy and Social Research.  The Colloquium is directed by Michael D. Intriligator, Professor of Economics, Political Science, and Policy Studies at UCLA.

TIME AND LOCATION: The Colloquium meets from October to June on alternative Fridays from 1 to 3 p.m. in room C-301 in the Anderson School Building.

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