How to use this workshop template:


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Table of Contents

Student Information

Current Interests

Work Experience

Personal Hot Links

Contact Information

Student Information

In this next section of the web page you will provide some general information about yourself to share with the faculty and your classmates:

Spouse's Name:
Home Town:
Santa Cruz, CA
Undergraduate School, Year Graduated:
UCLA, 1990
Undergraduate Degree, Major:
Bachelor of Arts in English, with honors
Graduate School, Year Graduated:
UCLA, 1996
Graduate Degree, Major:
M.S., Mechanical Engineering
Travel and Languages:
Spain and speak Spanish

Creating Target Links

Concept: Using the "insert target" and "make link" icons, you can link the various items listed in the Table of Contents section above to their corresponding section headings below.

We'll do this for every item in the Table of Contents. Let's begin with the section, "Current Interests."

Current Interests

You've created the target to which you link will jump. Now let's create the link itself:

Repeat the process of creating a target then creating a link to the target for the other section titles:

Work Experience

Personal Hot Links

Now, go back and under "Current Interests" and "Work Experience" section headings provide some information that you want to share with your classmates and professors:

Please leave "Personal Hot Links" and "Contact Information" blank for now.

Inserting Images

Creating Links to HTML files

Concept: You can easily create links to HTML files which can be on any Web site in the world.

Open a Browse window for these directions:

Go back in the Editor window for these directions:

I really like the Dilbert Zone.

Creating Email Links

Concept: You can create a link that will allow someone browsing your page to send you an email message.

Go into browse mode:

Switch back to edit mode:

Setting Page Title

Concept: You can only set your web page's "Document Title" by going into the "Document Properties." You don't create it with something you type on the face of the web page!

Before we learn to transfer files, let's finalize your editing and design changes:

Contact Information

street address
city, state zip
(###) ###-#### (phone)
(###) ###-#### (fax)

Ending With A Signature

Concept: It is customary to put a "signature" (name and date) at the end of a personal web page.

Your name

Today's date