date last updated December 22, 2003  

This wedding needs a serious warm up . . .
and we have three!

2) The Northeast Shower!
Saturday July 26th, from 1-4:30 p.m.
  A more traditional shower happened at Willie's Tavern
Bedminster, New Jersey
Tel 908-234-1596
(Right in front of the light at Route 202 (Lamington Road) and Hillside Avenue)
The "Round Up", a gathering of family and friends in Fort Worth happened Saturday May 24th at "Vance Godbey's", 8701 Jacksboro Hwy, Tel 817-237-2218

It was a beautiful, amazing event. It was like a wedding reception before a wedding. Marisa's parents flew in and met Dylan's parents for the first time. For Dylan, it felt like "This is your Life" with almost all chapters, minus Germany, represented. The best description of the evening was a "Love Fest". FIRST SET OF PHOTOS
This is who attended:

Brad & Barbara Szem
Jack & Ginny Stafford
Charlie & Betty
Marisa & Dylan
Lisa Stafford
Mike Richardson
Jon Stafford
Mario, Rachelle & Chris Shane
The Hanson's
Joel & Diedre with Connor & Corbin Hutton
Travis Vernon
Laura Romero
Rebecca Narramore
Jeff & Pam Parsons
Ronnie & Marge Parsons
Sarah Tolley, Javan, Caitlin & Hayden (SP?)
Carrie & Bob & Tim
Mary & Richard Amoedo & Sherri Zeitman
Neal Abramson

The Band "4 Way Street" Thanks Guys!
Eric & Rose Reif
Todd Pate
Kendall & David Brown & Jackson
Carol Toombs
Charles & Martha Brooks
Ann Bracey
Martin Washco
Walter & Lubie
Sean Boyd
Neta Hendrickson
Sharon/Jesse Blair
Liz Zsohar
Karen/Jeep Wilson
Marianne Thompson
Mitch and Susan McClain
Sally Stafford
Roy & Renae Carlson
Jane/Ted Chapman
Glenda/Dick Coffey
Carol/Lois Stripling
Lenda/John Richards
Sally/Bob Parmelee
Barbara/Tom Willis
BJ/Larry Hoskins
Merion/Shirley Reynolds
Cathy Tutty
Chris Kass & Gertie


The Westcoast Shower
  Will happen late summer / early fall.

Read all about 'em here.