date last updated December 22, 2003  

This page is called "Star Search", where we introduce you to some of the key stars in our lives...

Helen and Al Szem, Marisa's grandparents.
"69 Glorious Years of Marriage" - Everyone's role models for how to enjoy life. Each turned 90 in the last year and they are singing and laughing and leading us all !

Barbara and Brad Szem, Marisa's parents.
Happy, solid, joyful, and nurturing. Proud parents of 5 children and 8 grandchildren. 43 years of marriage and counting...

Ginny & Jack Stafford, Dylan's parents.
Dylan's Source and Dylan's Hero. Everything that works in his life he owes to Ginny and Jack. 38 years of marriage and counting...

Patty Albright -- the Maid of Honor.
Always has a plan. Creative. Bold and Sassy!

Trish -- Bridesmaid. Marisa's old dear college friend.
Solid, Exotic, Adventurous, Loving.

Bonnie Smolensky, Bridesmaid, one of Marisa's sisters.
Bonnie has it together. She leads a loving, warm and generous family with husband Gary and children Craig, Connor and Carly.

Jen Herda, Bridesmaid.
You won't find a truer friend to listen for your commitments in life. Jen is a loving, hugging, beautiful huge-hearted friend to both Marisa and Dylan. (seen here with Herb at Red and Annette's wedding)

Lisa Stafford, Bridesmaid, and Dylan's favorite (only) Sister in the whole wide world. Lisa has been Dylan's "Maya Angelou" for a lot of years now.
His Rock.

Travis Vernon, Dylan's Best man, friends since age 3.
"Lone Ranger & Kimosabe". First rock concert was Van Halen "Diver Down" in November 1982. Fun loving. Gentleman.

Charlie Stafford, Groomsman, Dylan's cousin on his dad's side.
Quick witted, dry sense of humor, keenly observant, love & compassion

Jon Stafford, Groomsman and Dylan's favorite (only) brother!
Nobody does Joy like Jon. One of the happiest people Dylan knows. Gets down with his Guitar.

Humberto Hernandez, Groomsman, (on the left in the photo :-) ).
Beto introduced Dylan to Mexico and the world. He is a world class human being, as solid as they come. His friendship helped begin Dylan's 'adventure-life' to Chicago, California, Spain and Germany.

  Here is an amazing family! This is Marisa's brother Chris and his beautiful wife Lisa and their kids: Nick, Lyndsey, Stephen, and the twins Amanda and Briana. 


This is Suzanne, Marisa's sister, seen here with a younger version of Nick.

This is Craig, Connor and Carly Smolensky! Marisa is a proud Aunt to Bonnie and Gary's three awesome hijos.

  The two hermanos! Meet both Marisa's brothers together, David and Chris.