date last updated December 22, 2003  


The most important thing to know is that New England is world famous for its fall beauty. The foliage creates a magnificent landscape of rich reds, royal purples and flaming yellows. Bring your camera and leave time for a drive or two through the country roads that weave their way through Rhode Island.

Our group will of course be organizing activities because the name of our game is community. Please email your suggestions to us also, and we will incorporate them all!

Here are some entries from our researchers in the field...

Activity Website Recommended by

The Cliff Walk / Mansion tour Great Website Dylan. This is a fun way to be outside, get some exercise, be near the water, and experience history.

Ten Mile Drive Great Website Similar to the Cliff Walk, but you stay in your car.
The Harbor Walk Great Website Dylan found it online. He hasn't done it, but it could be fun.

Waterfires, Saturday night Oct 11 Waterfire Schedule Patty, and everyone who's seen it.

Visiting the Rhode Island School of Design RISD Patty, and all the architects in the group.

General Rhode Island Info RI Monthly For your own research

The Scituate Art Festival The homepage This is a great art show that happens once a year on Columbus Day weekend.

Newport National Golf Club Homepage This golf course was recommended to Dylan by one of his students who just attended a Rhode Island wedding recently.

We're still collecting Golf Courses and other must-have's!